Falling into fall


The crisp wind and smell of pumpkins fill the air as the orange and red leaves fall from the trees. With October beginning and fall coming around, many are getting excited about the season.

Decorating for fall is one way to celebrate the season and can bring a whole new vibe to any environment. Pumpkins and scarecrows symbolize the season. Transforming decorations from bright summer colors to oranges, tans, and dark greens is a great way to settle into the new time of year. 

“I love decorating for fall because that is when my mind changes and makes me really believe it is fall,” McConaughey Matheson, junior, said. 

Trees changing colors, leaves falling to the ground, and jumping into leaf piles with family and friends are ways for students to find a sense of joy in the new colder months. Hayrides, pumpkin patches, and apple picking are some of the many events that contribute to the celebration of the fall season. 

“I love fall, and I really like apple picking. The orchid we usually go to has good apple cider that gives me the feeling that fall is really here,” Addison Bishop, freshman, said. 

The Etowah campus has a whole new feel in fall due to the sports and activities that occur during this time. Football games, in particular, are an important part of this season for many. Students can cheer on their football team in the cool autumn breeze and make memories to remember for a lifetime. 

“I love going to football games and cheering on the team. The student section has a blast in the cooler air,” Ari Shostak, sophomore, said. 

Autumn comes with many traditions, and it is a unique season associated with cool memories, delicious treats, and exciting adventures. While not everyone celebrates it the same, the fall season brings an uplifting feeling that all can enjoy.