Electronic evaluation


In a recent change to the 2022-2023 code of conduct, Fulton County announced that the schools in the district will be enforcing new rules regarding electronic use. This has caused many in Cherokee County School District (CCSD) along with others in Georgia, to wonder whether or not their schools will follow.  

One of the new rules limits when students can use their electronic devices during school hours. Elementary schoolers cannot use their devices during the school day and must keep them in their backpacks at all times. Meanwhile, middle and high school students are not allowed to use their phones during class without the teacher’s permission; however, this does not apply during non-instructional time. If one is caught with an electronic device when they are not permitted to, the school will take disciplinary action, resulting in confiscation. The device will be released to a parent/guardian instead of the student.  

“Some of these devices have been very big distractions for our students during the day,” Chris Matthews, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, said.  

Another new establishment prohibits students from filming fights, inappropriate activities, and other students or staff members without consent. Students also may not post these videos online or share them with others. Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in suspension of up to ten days, depending on the situation.  

“In addition, using a cell phone or other personal communication device to record a fight, battery, or any other inappropriate content and either sharing with others […] and/or uploading the video to any other type of social media/web- based media is also strictly prohibited,” Fulton County School District said in the Fulton County 2022-2023 code of conduct.  

Many people agree with these new restrictions because they feel they will get rid of the distraction that phones have caused in the classrooms. This will allow students to perform better in school thanks to a renewed focus on schoolwork without interruptions.  Others believe that the rules are too strict and may cause safety issues in the future. In light of the recent surge in school violence, many parents fear that they will not be able to get ahold of their children if something bad were to happen.  

“It is not safe to take a high school student’s phone because, during a school shooting, teenagers and children need to be able to communicate with their parents and families,” Kierra Hawkes, junior, said.  

In the past, whether school closings or COVID-19 guidelines, CCSD has been known for following the lead of Fulton County and implementing the same rules and procedures. This has caused many students to believe that the same may happen now. Many students in CCSD are worried that the county will soon adapt these changes as well. 

“I am worried that since Fulton County has started to restrict phones Cherokee County will too, which I do not want to happen because I feel like it is necessary to have our phones with us for our safety,” Will Thorton, sophomore, said.  

If one has any questions regarding the new guidelines, review the Fulton County 2022-2023 code of conduct board work session here