An eagle’s path to success


It is no secret that the Etowah High School varsity football team is four and two, making it a successful year so far. Many wonder how the players have been able to make a comeback after the losses in the past two seasons. After four years with the Eagles, Frank Mosley, lead cornerback, believes that the team’s success can only improve from here. 

 Mosley began his football career at the age of seven after moving to Georgia from Virginia; yet, he gained much of his team leadership skills from Lane Cantrell, a former Etowah player, who was a senior when Mosley joined varsity as a sophomore. Mosley now continues to offer support and guidance to his younger teammates, just as it was given to him during his rise to the top. 

 “He [Cantrell] taught me what leadership is supposed to look like: encouraging my teammates and picking them up when they are down,” Mosley said. 

 For the last two years, Etowah’s football team has experienced a losing streak. Dealing with the losses was challenging for Mosley. His motivation on the field made the defeats especially difficult due to the amount of effort he was putting in to the game; however, during his senior year, the team’s hard work has finally payed off. He believes these new accomplishments can be attributed to the bond the players made this year. 

 “In the past, we [the team] would gang up on each other when bad stuff happened, but this year, we came together, and it brought us closer,” Mosley said. 

 The Eagles have a strict schedule to follow. The team meets every morning of the week for film, which is a chance to review past games and reflect on what went right and wrong. After school, the boys head down to the field for practice until 6:30 p.m. Friday nights are designated strictly for games. The morning after, the team has a more in-depth film day. Over the summer, Mosley created goals for the team, like winning more games and making the playoffs. 

 “My plans for making the playoffs were simple; I just worked harder this offseason and pushed my teammates to do the same. It was a common goal for the team, so it was easy getting everyone to buy in,” Mosley said. 

 Be sure to purchase a ticket to next week’s game against the Eagle’s rivals, Woodstock High School.