To dance or not to dance


The lights are low, but the music is up. A mix of heels, dress shoes, and bare feet cover the floor as people jump up to the beat. Suddenly, a slow song begins, quieting the room as couples and friends slowly sway with one another. Homecoming is a night of fun and dancing; however, with it being a similar event to prom, just on a much smaller scale, the question remains of whether both are worth the price and preparation. 

Prom is highlighted as the night of the year and considered an event that one will remember forever; however, the cost of a dress/suit, ticket, and transportation add up, making it also one of the most expensive nights of the year. Nevertheless, the glitz and glamour of the event draws hundreds of attendees each year to enjoy the night.   

“The spirit that comes with prom is just something homecoming cannot mimic,” Jayla Turner, junior, said.

While homecoming is supposed to be a prequel to prom and simply a less extravagant night, in reality, many find it to be too costly and not worth it, as they will get a fancier, more special night later on in the year. This opinion mostly pertains to juniors and seniors who are the main attendees at prom. However, because high schoolers typically only go to prom twice, students are not as desperate to attend homecoming, as they are looking more towards a grander night of long dresses and a fancy venue. With homecoming and prom both being an expensive investment, one has to consider whether they are willing to pay for both.   

“It is too much money to pay for two dances and clothes just to wear for one night. Prom is also just more special than homecoming,” Justin Davis, senior, said. 

Even though prom is more popular, many students find that both events are worth the price, as there are very few nights throughout high school where one can dress up and get excited to bond and party with friends and loved ones. Homecoming is also for all grades, thus motivating more people to go knowing there will be a big crowd and a filled dance floor. With homecoming not being as special, many simply stick to cheaper dinners and transportation, saving more for prom and increasing their likelihood of attending both.  

“Even if the prom is kind of the more special of the two, homecoming is still another way to create memories you can add to your high school experience,” Ari Havens, sophomore, said. 

Homecoming and prom are both nights of fun, singing, dancing, and fancy clothes. Whether one decides to skip out on homecoming to save for prom or splurge and attend both, these events are dedicated to making high school special and give students the chance to make great memories, which may be considered more valuable than spending a little extra on a nice suit.