A final sip


credits: atlantacoffeeshops.com

As students take on many rigorous classes, homework is piling upeven on the weekends. To shut out distractions and get a change of scenery, one might choose to venture to a coffee shop or small restaurant to get schoolwork done. Students who are looking to reward their hard work are flooded with disappointment when discovering that Copper Coin, a popular coffee shop in Downtown Woodstock, is preparing to shut its doors to the public forever. 

“I am so sad Copper Coin is closing because it was such a good environment to get my work done and hang out with my friends,” Hadley Duplantis, junior, said. 

News of Copper Coin’s final days saddened many who saw the Facebook announcement on Aug. 2, 2022. The statement told the public that the company cannot renew the five-year lease due to rising food costs and a change in customer spending habits. The uncertain economy has caused many businesses to close, with Copper Coin joining the list. Since the business has only just announced the decision, there is no news on the next owner of the space.  

“I think it is upsetting that Copper Coin is shutting down because it is a really nice place to go and study and just to chill,” Ari Shostak, sophomore, said.  

Chantel Adams, the principal owner of Copper Coin, reassures that the decision was not made in vain, and she consulted many financial advisors before coming to the heartbreaking conclusion. The store will be officially closed on Sept. 3, 2022, and the goodbye post on Copper Coin’s Facebook page encourages costumers to swing by to get a final coffee or sweet treat.  

“Their hope this last month is to be able to find ‘a memory to celebrate, rather than a future to grieve,’” Adams said in an article. 

With the farewell date approaching quickly, make sure to make a final stop at the coffee shop.