The theater vs. home: a 2022 struggle

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Since 1905, when the first motion picture theater was opened, technology has made many advances. Nowadays, if one does not want to buy a ticket and drive to the movies, with a mere click of a button, one can purchase the film at home and watch leisurely.

At some theaters, the price is similar to purchasing a ticket there or streaming from home. The equal cost may not affect decision making; however, the convenience of watching movies from home might seem more comfortable than the idea of sitting inside a hot cinema filled with large groups of other people.

“Though I love the experience of the movies, I prefer streaming more regularly out of convenience,” Stephanie Garcia, senior, said.

At the local Regal Cherokee theatre price of a ticket costs around 13 dollars for an adult and approximately 10 per child or senior, not including the average price of popcorn and candy.

“I enjoy going to the movie theatre at Regal,” Satya Prabhuram, freshman, said.

Although streaming movies may be more accessible, many find that the atmosphere of a theater is worth the trip. The action of filling up a popcorn bucket, pouring the salty butter over the kernels, choosing one’s favored flavor of slushy, and looking at the wide array of candy choices makes the movies an iconic place for a first date, family outing, or friend hangout.  

“I think that I would have enjoyed it [Batman] much less had I not gone to see it in the theater. The atmosphere provided made the experience overall much more enjoyable,” Kate Conner, junior, said.


While the experience of watching a movie at home is vastly different from seeing them in a theater, both can be enjoyed in various ways.