A picture-perfect night


Appointments. Transportation. The perfect dress or sharpest suit. All these factors contribute to creating a picture-perfect evening. A night many upperclassmen have been looking forward to since freshman year, Etowah High School is holding its 2022 prom on April 16 at Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta, GA with the theme “Enchanted Forest.” Most of those attending want to document this formal event to save for their memories, leading to the search for the best picture-taking venues. 

“I am so excited for prom because I really think it can be the highlight of a high school experience. Nothing is more fun than dressing up with your best friends and having a fun night out, captured in gorgeous pictures,” Katie Brenneman, junior, said. 

Those looking for an elegant background can look at the Cherokee County Courthouse, as its location has a beautiful marble backdrop for students to enjoy. In addition, this destination is in Downtown Canton, providing a sense of familiarity for many Etowah attendees. 

“I am super excited to take pictures at the Canton Court House because the background is neutral and will look well with a variety of dresses and colors,” Campbell Munsey, senior, said. 

Downtown Woodstock offers various backdrops for taking pictures. The railroad tracks, gazebo, and amphitheater are some places students can pose for Instagram-worthy posts. This location is not as popular as others, making it perfect for one to avoid the prom crowd.  

“I think it [Downtown Woodstock] is a very trendy location that has lots of areas throughout the location. Certain parts of it have different characters, so there are many different areas to take pictures,” Ryan Lofland, senior, said. 

If one is looking for a location near the prom venue, Centennial Olympic Park is a popular place in Atlanta. This photo opportunity consists of the Atlanta backdrop and open fields, giving students the chance to take a variety of pictures in different spots. 

“I like being able to take pictures close to the venue because the location is perfect for pictures and it is convenient being so close,” Ella Daugherty, senior, said. 

Students may want to have an adventure, and obscure picture spots are a way to have a unique experience when documenting prom night. Places such as McDonald’s, Target, and local gas stations are unusual opportunities to create memories that are different from the conventional picture locations. 

“Prom is a night of fun and laughter, and I think taking pictures somewhere random just helps us remember the night a little better. We might go to Chipotle and take pictures, who knows?” Brooke Belsito, junior, said. 

As the search for great lighting and photogenic poses continues, make sure to consider these places to show off and remember prom night.