A chance to dance

A chance to dance

Slow music echoes through the open room as couples glide across the dance floor. While some watch alone from the side, others grab their friends’ hands instead. Though prom is often known as a night of love and romance, it can be just as fun with companions. 

Finding a date can be difficult for many, and the process of asking another or waiting for “someone to pop the question” is often stressful and sometimes leads to heartbreak. Drama, typically over a rejection or who is going with who, tends to put unneeded pressure on couples, and some even worry whether their relationship will actually last until prom night. If one chooses to go with friends, there is often less nervousness about having to acquire a date.  

“I have always found dances more enjoyable to go with my friends since they make everything more fun. There is also less pressure to find a date when you are going with friends,” Brooke Belsito, junior, said.  

Another reason it may be a more enjoyable way to spend prom night with friends is to avoid the potential awkwardness of the dance itself. Those who go together typically spend the entire event with one another, and if a relationship is still new or has yet to surpass conversations simply about the weather, prom may not be as fun. Along with this, slow songs are bound to play throughout the night, and if a couple is not comfortable dancing with one another, they should stick to a group of friends they can relax with.  

“I am going with friends because my friends and I do everything together, so prom would not be complete without them (…) I know prom is going to be a memorable experience, and I want to share that with my friends,” Rylie Robbins, senior, said. 

Although there are many reasons as to why prom night may be more fun with friends, it can be just as great with the right date. Couples who are comfortable with one another or have been dating a while will most likely enjoy the event, as it is a chance for them to spend time together and share memories that can last a lifetime. Even those who have only been dating for a short period of time may find prom to be a fun way to get out of the awkward phase and get closer with one another.  

“I am excited to go to prom with a date because it will be fun having a dance partner and someone to dress up with,” Ryan Tipper, junior, said.  

Prom night is about making memories and having a night of relaxation before the end of the school year when finals and exams begin, so one should not stress over a date and instead simply enjoy the event with those they love.