The clash of coffees

Hailey Weiner

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The sound of jingle bells. The smell of peppermint. The sight of cold foam. With holiday drinks now available, Dunkin and Starbucks continue their competition over whose coffee is better. The rivalry between Dunkin and Starbucks has occurred since their openings, but during the holiday season, the battle of the brews takes full effect on caffeine lovers. 

While Dunkin locations rarely report having a shortage of menu items, Starbucks is often running behind on shipments and struggles to keep their products in stock. Starbucks released their peppermint mocha latte, for example, on Nov. 4, but by Nov. 7, just three days later, various locations were already reporting a shortage of peppermint. Many go to Starbucks in hopes of tasting their various holiday flavors but are left disappointed, as the coffeehouse often struggles to keep up with this high demand compared to Dunkin’s efficiency on keeping their menu stocked. 

“I prefer Starbucks because their items are fresher, and they have more options to choose from, even though their stuff goes out of stock really fast,” Na’khia Berry, senior, said. 

When available, Starbucks’ holiday menu is often considered to be a better choice than Dunkin’s. Many students believe their drinks taste better and have a greater variety of flavors. Starbuck’s brews and refreshers tend to be more consistent quality-wise, compared to Dunkin where coffees are often a hit-or-miss.  

“I am usually a Dunkin gal myself because it is cheaper; however Starbucks is better for holiday drinks, I have drank both holiday drinks from Starbucks and Dunkin, and while Starbucks takes longer, their holiday drinks have a wider variety and are more flavorful,” Erin Bradley, junior, said. 

While Dunkin has more food options, like mini pancakes, Christmas donuts, and a cranberry orange muffin, they are not as seasonally specific as Starbucks’ items, such as a reindeer cake pop and cranberry bliss bar. These snacks tend to make people more excited to eat holiday related treats. 

“The Starbucks holiday options are hands down amazing,” Neal O’Conner, sophomore, said. 

Despite their great tasting options, Starbucks’ menu is more expensive than Dunkin’s. The most popular of the seasonal drinks is the peppermint mocha, and while it goes for only $3.19 for a medium at Dunkin, it is set at $4.65 at Starbucks. As many students simply want a cheap treat on their way to school, Dunkin is often considered over Starbucks when basing their choice on the money in their pockets.  

“Dunkin is better because I have the option of donuts and coffee for cheaper,” Jonna Bragg, freshman, said.  

The competition continues between Dunkin and Starbucks as the holiday season advances. Be sure to use Starbucks or Dunkin points to support your favorite company this month.