The curse is broken

Mia Jacobs

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Photo Credit: Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports, via Reuters


Cheers fill the living room, and popcorn flies through the air. The curse has finally been lifted: the Atlanta Braves won the World Series for the first time since 1995, beating the Houston Astros 4-2 in the six-game series. They finalized their win 7-0 on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at Minute Maid Park.

Outfielder, Jorge Soler made headlines when he hit a home run that traveled an estimated 446 feet at 83 mph. Manuel Ramous and his wife, both lifelong Astro Fans, soon found the ball within a fenced-off area outside the stadium and claimed it as their own.

“I knew I hit it well, but to be honest, immediately after I hit it, I turned around just to look at our dugout and start celebrating,” Soler said in an interview

Along with Soler’s play, Freddie Freeman scored a solo home run adding another point to the 7-0 score that awarded the Braves their victory.

“The world series brought back a historic pastime due to the fact it has been so long since they had won,” Kolton Thorton, junior, said.

To celebrate the win, the Braves held a large parade Friday, Nov.5, that stretched through Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Due to traffic and the absence of students, many schools decided to shut down for the day.

“Our school should have been out, I really wanted to celebrate the spirit of our baseball team,” Kasey Hinkle, senior, said.

Though fans are excited about the achievement, many hope that it will not take another 26 years for the Braves to gain a third World Series win.