Not just the classics

Caroline Byars

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Photo by Life Made Sweeter

Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and turkey are just some of the iconic dishes served during Thanksgiving, prompting families to gather around the big table. Besides the basics, there are a variety of recipes that make this holiday known for its filling feast. 

However, families decide to switch things up for the special dinner and go with unique side plates. Recipes, such as green bean bundlessweet potato souffle, and pecan pie, have recently gained popularity during the Thanksgiving season.  

“For Thanksgiving, my family makes my grandma’s famous quiche recipe, and we add different ingredients depending on the occasion,” Emily Light, junior, said.  

Although some change the foods they serve during the holiday, the majority of families stick with the classic turkey, a dish known to be the main course. This specific plate requires a lot of cooking and can be a hassle for some.  

“It is an all-day thing for my family, we all help out in the process and usually cook it from the early morning until dinner time,” Carson Allen, junior, said 

Even though turkey is commonly associated with the holiday, many choose to celebrate without it. Alternative meat, such as beef wellington or baked ham, is often the next option. Others opt for a meat-free option and stick with the popular sides like green beans or mashed potatoes. 

“My family always has ham, and it is my favorite part of the meal. I definitely like it better than turkey,” Savannah Pullen, freshman, said.  

Whether you decide to keep the classics or give the holiday a new twist, it is full of memory-making all around. To find unique recipes to impress guests, visit here.