KB: the man behind the initials

Garrett Estes

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KB: the man behind the initials

From being a forklift operator to principal of Etowah, Keith Ball has done a lot with his life. Ball was born in New York, where he got his degree in Secondary Social Studies Education at the University of New York; however, living in New York is not cheap, so in his early days, Ball became a licensed forklift operator. He still has his license.

“It was the best experience to remind myself to get an education,” said Ball.

After that, Ball began his educational career at an undergraduate school as an assistant football coach, and from there, Keith Ball would work at a variety of other schools improving them in one way or another. Then he came to Woodstock Middle School where he really began to shine. He became principal and worked at Woodstock between 2007 and 2010. During that time, he was awarded the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Platinum Award. In 2008, he brought student attendance to an all-time high

“My job is to provide the ability to learn,” Ball said.

After turning Woodstock around, Ball came to Etowah High school and has been here seven years now. Ball says that his usual day as principal consists of serving the people to the best of his ability, finding ways to improve the school, dealing with facility and handling the financials of the school. He says that the biggest challenge since he’s been at Etowah was moving the school from a six period day to a seven period day.