Digging into diversity

Ila Prabhuram

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Digging into diversity

Many students experience feeling out-of-place in their community because of their skin color or religion; however, Etowah High School is working to find a solution to this issue by creating the campus’s first-ever Diversity Council.  

The Diversity Council is a group of students and teachers pushing to further inclusiveness and create a more diverse, welcoming environment for Etowah Eagles. The purpose of the council is to analyze the culture at school and work together to implement positive change. 

“The council will work collaboratively with other groups, students, and staff on campus to promote a positive culture.  Etowah High School already has a great community; all we want to do is maximize its potential,” Jennifer Jones, administrator, said. 

In the last decade, diversity at Etowah has soared, with its population representing an abundance of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexualities. Due to this development, it is critical that Etowah is educated on the various backgrounds of its students.  

“In my experiences at Etowah, I have been part of several encounters where I felt misrepresented or isolated due to my Asian heritage (…) I am often told [that] I am the first Chinese person that [students] have ever met, which is why I believe it is important to have a diverse population at Etowah for people to familiarize themselves with those of all backgrounds,” Priscilla Dice, junior, said. 

With the spike of racially motivated crimes around the world, from the acts that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement to the Atlanta Spa Shootings in March of 2021, Etowah is beginning to acknowledge and act on the issue of racism on its grounds. 

“Diversity is important because people can learn from each other and be more open-minded,” Eric Lopez-Figeuroa, senior, said. 

The lack of diversity is not an easy fix, but the creation of the Diversity Council is a step towards a more inclusive future for Etowah students.