East vs. main: the cafeteria dilemma

Ava Wilson

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With over 2,000 attending Etowah High School, one cafeteria would not accomplish the task of providing everyone with a place to eat. Because of this, two cafeterias on east and main were created, taking away the hassle of getting across school grounds after a lunch period and limits overly crowded tables. While the majority of the student body eats at main, the east cafeteria has a significant number of benefits that set it apart as the better lunchroom.  

Main is familiar because it lies in the center of campus; however, many prefer the relaxing atmosphere of the east cafeteria. Students believe it to be a calmer, more spacious setting that allows them to do their schoolwork or talk to their friends without loud, disturbing noises. I personally enjoy the round tables, as they make it easier to socialize than the long ones at main.  

“I like the east cafeteria better, because it is a lot quieter and not as crowded,” Megan Reed, sophomore, said. 

The main café also has its benefits. Since most classes are located at the main campus, students can easily get to their next period on time by eating there. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to be productive or to interact with others due to the cafeteria being so packed. 

“My favorite cafeteria is main when I have to eat, because I can socialize, and east when I have to do literally anything else, because of the lack of people,” Joel Hand, junior, said. 

Some students prefer to eat at separate locations around campus. Seniors have the privilege of eating in a designated lounge.  Just outside of main cafeteria, the senior lounge is a relaxing atmosphere with couches and barstools where students can easily be productive, eat, or chat with friends. Students also have the option of eating in the East Wing and can use it as a productive space.  

“I prefer the main cafeteria only because of the senior lounge. Because it is only seniors, there is less people, it is more closed off, and overall better,” Sasha Beltran, senior, said. 

Regardless of which lunchroom is preferred, it is ideal for students to eat at both places to prevent overcrowding and discover which cafeteria works best for them.