Return of the glass slipper

Alannah Hipps

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October 31, 2023

Catchy songs, a magical fairy godparent, and pumpkin carriages. These things are commonly associated with the famous fairy tale “Cinderella”. A modern remake of the original story people know and love was released on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 3.   

This romantic musical comedy is about a young girl named Ella, played by singer Camila Cabello, who dreams of being a fashion designer; however, her plans are ruined when her evil stepmother, played by Idina Menzel, and stepsisters, played by Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer, intervene. Unlike the other townsfolk, Ella does not wish to be a royal, but instead she wants to become a successful entrepreneur who can handle herself. Some other stars in the movie are Billy Porter, playing Fab G (godfather), and James Corden, who plays a mouse. 

“It is a completely new telling of the story. In this ‘Cinderella,’ she has dreams and ambitions, and she wants to save herself, not have a prince or anybody else save her,” Camila Cabello said in a Vogue interview.  

One of the many reasons people are excited for the film is the fact that this is Cabello’s first movie role. In addition to playing the lead, Cabello also wrote many of the songs in the musical, including “Million to One,” “Million to One (Reprise),” and “Could Have Been Me.” Fans are looking forward to finally seeing Cabello’s acting talents put together with her singing. 

“I think that the movie will be amazing because her music is really good, and her songs will add drama and great extra effects in the movie,” Bella Jurs, junior, said.  

While many are excited for Cabello’s movie debut, others think that the Cinderella storylines have been overused. There have been several re-makes of the classical story, many with the same plot. Some examples are “A Cinderella Story,” “Ella Enchanted,” “Ever After,” and more.  

“I think that “Cinderella movies are made way too much. There have been so many that have the same exact plot and it gets boring. I think movie producers should come up with something original instead of using the same ideas over and over,” Cooper Gilreath, sophomore, said. 

Whether one is excited for the movie or believes the fairytale has been overused, grab some popcorn and tune in on Sept. 3.