Taking Etowah under its Wing

Alyssa Pearson

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Endless hours of studying and large piles of homework continue to impact high school student’s daily lives, resulting in academic stress. Etowah’s East Wing, located in classroom EE183, is a student-run tutoring center that helps assist peers with any school-related needs. 

“The East Wing helps me a lot whenever I have a test that I have to study for. The people are really nice and have helped me pass many tests,” Jayla Turner, sophomore, said.  

The East Wing has a variety of different teams that keep the center running. Each team has a separate set of responsibilities that cover all aspects of tutoring, ranging from Instagram posts to scheduling appointments. The Facility, Outreach, Service, and Marketing teams are all overseen by two senior directors, Emily Collins and Chris Haswell.  

“I check in with the two teams I run, Outreach and Facility, and make sure that the scheduling operations and programs we run here at the WING go smoothly,” Haswell said. 

This program is also an elective class that upperclassmen can enroll in. Juniors involved in the class shadow the different jobs in the tutoring center to discover their future role in the leadership team for the following year. 

“I love the idea that we get to work with everyone. I get to see how everything is run daily, and I get to take the good ideas this year and use them next year when I have a leadership role,” Joseph Oburu, junior, said. 

The East Wing covers all subjects, spanning from Biology to United States History. In addition to in-person 30-minute sessions, the program offers online tutoring focused on different types of writing pieces. Need Essay Support Today (NEST) is an available resource where students can submit essays and receive feedback from their peers within 48 hours. 

“I am a NEST scheduling coordinator, where I match clients with tutors and make sure they are aware of their appointment. The NEST is important because it allows academic essay help, which ultimately leads to less stress and academic growth,” Campbell Munsey, senior, said.   

If one is interested in becoming a tutor or booking a tutoring session, visit the East Wing website for more information.