Return of the Pogues and the Kooks

Grace Hedlund

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The screen slowly fades to black as the last episode of Season One “Outer Banks (OBX) draws to a close. Disappointment seeps in as the show ends, and the boredom of summer sets back into place.  

Last April, in the midst of pandemic lockdown, Outer Banks” Season One made an appearance on Netflix and rose to be one of the top shows before it began to die down after its finale. However, it was recently announced that the Poguesthe nickname for the poorer section of the city the show is based onare expected to make a return later this year.  

“I feel like shows tend to try too hard to introduce new things in other seasons after the beginning. They have to find ways to build off of the first season which makeit hard to hold up the expectations like ‘Outer Banks’ has made,” Dylan Catton, sophomore, said. 

The show is about teenagers taking on a dangerous adventure to find millions of dollars in gold that was lost on their island. The pandemic delayed the start of filming Season Two, but the series finally began shooting in August 2020. The majority of the new season was shot in the Bahamas where the crew wrapped up early April 2021.  

This new location was confirmed when the official Outer Banks” Instagram posted a picture of OBX2 with the caption “see you in the bahamas ✌️.” 

Many season one characters, such as Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B (Chase Stokes)are returning for Season Two. Other Pogues and Kooksthe rich residents in Outer Bankscoming back includes Kie (Madison Bailey)Pope (Jonathan Daviss)JJ (Rudy Pankow)Topper (Austin North), and Rafe (Drew Starkey).  Carlacia Grant is joining the cast as a character named Cleo and Elizabeth Mitchell will accompany her to play Limbrey 

“I really like the old characters, and I think they make the show as good as it is. However, new characters open up endless possibilities for the storyline to grow,” Avery Hamlin, freshman, said. 

Season One of OBX finished filming in October 2019 and released in April 2020. And if Season Two follows this timeline, it is expected to drop between mid to late 2021. Since the first season debut, the audience demand for Outer Banks has grown to 4.9 times the appeal of an average series.  

I am just as excited for the new season even though it has been so long. I think the wait makes people more eager,” Eliza Grace Carver, junior, said.  

As anticipation builds for Season Two, so does hope for more high-quality episodes. New characters add to the curiosity of what is going to happen. And with the production wrapping up last month, get popcorn ready for Season Two of Outer Banks.”