The Angel of Music

Garrett Estes

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Sarcastic. Journalist. Dan and Phil enthusiast. All are words that clearly fall under Angelica Beltran’s identity. A part of the freshman class, Angelica, or Angel as she likes to be called, is a musical spirit. In her free time, she’s usually listening to Panic! at the Disco or watching Dan and Phil, a duo of popular YouTubers. In the mornings before school, you can find her talking to her friends.
Beltran wants to be a singer-songwriter. Her biggest influences are Melanie Martinez, Selena Gomez, Twenty-one Pilots and Panic! at the Disco.
“I want to pursue a career as a performer because I like music, and I want to make music,” Beltran said.
In fact, Beltran has a YouTube channel, which is called AngelSmiles xoxo, where she makes videos of herself doing covers of popular songs such as Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, Fireflies by Owl City and Stitches by Shawn Mendes.
“I started [YouTube] because my friend started one and seemed to be having fun,” Beltran said.
While Beltran’s channel might not have many subscribers, it is still a project that she is very passionate about, and she wishes to see it grow larger as time goes on.