Fashion is only a click away


Hair clips, cargo pants, and biker shorts. Style is just one click away this spring. There are many online stores to get these trendy pieces and much more such as Adika, Princess Polly, and Pretty Little Thing. 

“I enjoy shopping online at Amazon, Princess Polly, Lululemon and American Eagle,” Ava Azzarello, senior, said.

There are a variety of online stores that are gaining popularity among teens. These websites have a wide range of clothing to match each individual’s style. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people find it easier to shop online, so they can avoid the hassle of wearing a mask, social distancing, or the possibility of being exposed to the virus. Many of the popular online shops do not have an in-person store, so orders are delivered directly to one’s door.

“My favorite place to shop online is Adika because you can shop in the comfort of your own home. Also, all the clothes are good quality,” Hadley Duplantis, freshman, said. 

Different websites offer a large selection of clothes which can make it difficult to find specific outfits one may look for. There are ways to frame searches to find cheap options, such as adjusting the colors, price, and style of the item. Websites have specialized coupon codes and frequent sale opportunities that could also help out students’  bank accounts. Some websites include: RetailMeNot or Honey.

“It is usually easy to find coupon codes online or on influencer’s Instagram stories. It makes me happy seeing my total price drop a lot,” Riley Miller, junior, said.

Even though this past year and half has been a unique experience for the shoppers worldwide, there are still many options to keep that closet updated, and fashion is only a click away.