Putting heART into new hobbies

Grace Hedlund

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With every brushstroke, scene, or leap, one’s passion for the arts grows. When boredom hits, creative activities are the perfect time filler. 

Art classes are one idea to express creativity. Painting, drawing, and coloring help to calm the mind, and are ways to occupy time. Local art studio, Paper Scissors Cake, on Bells Ferry Road offers art classes for high schoolers 

“Our high schoolers participate in a variety of mediums, textiles, sculpture, and watercolor,” Adria Smith, studio owner, said.  

Theater is another option to express creativity, and provides an opportunity to build confidence and speaking skills. Elm Street Cultural Arts Village on Towne Lake Parkway offers theater classes for a wide range of ages, as well as new digital classes. 

“Elm Street helps me develop my creative side, and having the ability to make art for the community is one of my favorite things,” Sarah Deprospero, senior, said. 

Dancing provides a creative outlet and exercise. There are many local studios that offer recreational dance classes, including Steppin Out Performing Arts Center, Studio 55Dance and Music Academy, and Dancentre South. Recreational dance is less of a commitment than competitive dance, but several of those studios also have competitive dance companies.  

“I think dance allows me to be creative because there are so many different styles and techniques you can use and combine to create something cool in the end,” Kelsey Cleavland, junior, said. 

Joining one of these creative activities will not only fill empty hours, but they also ease anxiety caused by school, COVID-19, and other stressors. Plug newfound creativity into one or more of these outlets by signing up today. To sign up, contact the Paper Scissors Cake at 404-867-1630 and/or go to Elm Street Art’s website  information.