Another day, another dollar


Between sports and homework, it can be difficult to find time to make money while enrolled full time in high school.  Many students turn to doing chores for parents or other family members, selling beloved items such as clothing and shoes to thrift stores, or even directly asking for money to help stay afloat financially.  

Some students use WorkBased Learning to find jobs to earn extra money for shopping, food, and college savings. These methods are not always effective, but there are some alternatives.  

“It was easy to make my work schedule fit into my life because I have less classes and less homework allowing me more time in the week to work, Mary-Kate Kerlin, senior, said. 

One quick way to make money online is by sharing opinions by participating in surveys. There are many different websites such as “Inbox Dollars, and “Survey Junkie. Participants can earn $5-$50 per survey in cash or gift cards. “Swagbucks” is on the higher payout side with up to $100 per survey taken or product tested.  Other websites include “BrandedSurveys,  “YouGov, and “MyPoints.    

I don’t remember which site it was, but it was a 10 out of 10 experience. I filled out all of the questions, and then finished the survey and as a reward for completing it, I received $150 in the mail,” Ava Truesdale, freshman, said  

Students who feel comfortable with their academic ability can sign up to be online tutors. On “Ruru Tutor,” tutors can earn up to $60 an hour, and the site also offers a $10 bonus to complete the 15-minute sign-up process. All sessions are contactless via video call, which is a way to abide by social distancing precautions.  Tutors can set their own hours for students to choose whatever works for them, allowing people to schedule whenever they are free. 

Other platforms include: 

  • “Preply”  a service tutoring service exclusively for English comprehension help. 
  • “VIPKid”  a service for Chinese students to learn English from students and teachers here in America. 
  • “HeyTutor” provides online math tutors and is currently hiring.  

“Online tutoring is quite the experience, and it’s flexible and easy to work into your schedule,” Cole Dallas, senior, said. 

“Etsy” is a website where people can embrace their creative side by selling art, jewelry, clothing, and more. Popular items on the website include candles made in unique shapes, monogrammed towels,  and custom jewelry. This is an option for students who have free time or find it relaxing to create and finish projects.  Sellers can choose from any price range to sell their products and can set their own shipping rate. Try not to set shipping any more than five dollars, or it may be difficult to sell items.  

I loved selling online. It was great experience and an easy way to find customers. I would get all the orders and communicate with people to tell them when I had their package shipped to them,” AudreMiller, freshman, said. 

Starting a “Twitch” channel and getting it monetized is an opportunity for gamers to make moneyTwitch requires gamers to make $100 in order to get a payout from their channel. Twitch keeps a percentage of the profit based on streamers’ levels of affiliation.  Affiliation is the streamers connection to Twitch, and once they have a higher ranking, they get together and discuss a contract fitting for both. Money comes from viewers, subscribers, and donations. The one requirement is a microphone, and if one does not have a headset, it would be recommended to get one.  

Streaming can be very disheartening sometimes, but if you stick with it and are consistent with it, it will be pretty rewarding in the end,” Kaleb Spain, streamer, said. 

Making money as a student may be deemed a tough challenge, but some creativity and a Wi-Fi connection can provide endless opportunities.