Help Wanted

Hailey Weiner, reporter

“Youre hired” is phrase teenagers dream of hearing as they fill out job applications for a new jobFor many students, it can be a struggle to earn an income while maintaining a flexible schedule in a welcoming environment. Though it takes hours of digging through reviews, finding a suitable local business is worth it after cashing that first paycheck 

I think it is very important to research a job before applying to ensure that it would be a good fit for you. The last thing anyone wants to do is end up at a job that they do not feel is right for them, Lily Hovanec, junior, said.  

Because restaurants require various positions to function smoothly and successfully, they constantly have openings among their staff. Moe’s, Gameday Fresh Grill, and Chick-fil-A are popular job choices within the student communitypaying well above minimum wage, granting hour flexibility, and promoting a friendly work setting. Those wishing for discounted food and a fast-paced scene will find themselves thriving within the busy walls of a restaurant 

I love working at a restaurant. It has taught me lots of life skills like communication and customer service. Sometimes it can be hard to balance work and school,” Bella Reeves, senior, said. 

With discount benefits, insurance coverage options, and a company that understands a student’s needs, grocery, clothing, and department stores are viable options for Etowah students looking for well-paying jobs. PublixOld Navy, and American Eagle Outfitters are appealing to teenagers looking to be around their peers in a youthful environmentThe majority of these places  earn high praise from teenage employees. 

When you first start [working at a grocery store,] they ask you when [and] what time you are available, and they make that work for you,” Jashiya Maynard, freshman, said. 

When free time is limited within students’ daily lives, they may prefer work in which they have more control over their scheduling and shifts. Although these types of jobs, such as tutoring and babysitting, allow them to have control over their hectic days, teens may find it difficult to get customersThis results in more stress on students’ shoulders to earn a decent wage; however, those with the busiest agendas might find these jobs easiest for them to manage. 

I love babysitting because it gives me an opportunity to make money while helping others. I can easily manage my time doing this and being a student because it is a simple job and doesn’t take too much time, Emma Tipper, sophomoresaid. 

Summer jobs, like lifeguarding and working as a camp couselor, offer an alternative to working during the school year because they take place over the break, which often comes with more free time. These work environments are popular among teensmaking it easier for them to socialize and befriend their coworkers while still having fun at work. As the jobs occur mainly over the two-month vacation, students might find it difficult to enjoy their time off from the stress of school because they are spending their time at work instead of with their friends or on vacation.  

You get more time to do things [with a summer job] like focus on schoolwork while still earning money at some point throughout the year, Joshua Clendaniel, senior, said. 

Students may struggle to find time in their packed agendas for anything other than schoolworka few clubs, and sports, but there are various local options to generate an income in a way that fits them.