New year, new skin

Grace Hedlund

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A final sip
August 26, 2022

After late nights of homework, hormonal fluctuations, and the stress of high school, it is not uncommon for teenagers to wake up and find painful bumps, dry patches, and blackheads covering their faces.  

With school, extracurricular activities, jobs, and other tasks, skincare is often knocked down on the to-do listAlthough it often goes unnoticed, a solid skincare routine can help boost confidence and reduce stress. 

“Washing my face every day makes me constantly feel clean and healthy and is an overall morale booster to my day-to-day appearance,” Ivy McKinney, junior, said. 

Facewash is used by most people in a general skin care routine. Although many have their own opinion on what works for their skin typethere are some face washes that are better to avoid.  Washes with a long list of ingredientoften include items that irritate the skin, so simple ingredients are usually a plus.  

I use CeraVe face wash because it is gentle, and it does not make my skin break out,” Hadley Duplantis, freshman, said.  

Knowing one’s skin type is important for proper skin care. Skin types include oily, dry, and combination skin. Typically, people with oily skin need to apply moisturizer or wash their faces more often.  Skin produces more oil to make up for the lack of moisture, so skipping out on a moisturizer can make the problem worse 

For those with dry skin, flakiness, redness, and irritation can be soothed with the use of proper moisturizers. Serums and oils can add life back to dull skin 

It is more difficult to find a good routine for combination skin, but staying hydrated will improve the oily and dry parts of the face, too.  

“Knowing your skin type and using products for that specific type helps avoid causing other problems like acne, dryness, or inflammation,” Marie Sapienza, esthetician at Southern Skin and Beauty Bar, said. 

Restraining from touching one’s face is a given, but with masks it is tough to avoid. Maskne  is defined as acne caused by wearing a face covering daily. Washing one’s face after removing the mask, using disposable masks, or cleaning reusable masks can alleviate this. Certain masks help reduce acne, such as face soothing pads made to be worn beneath a facial covering.  

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, wearing a mask that is not too loose or tight on one’s face will ease irritation on the skin.

If one’s skin becomes too much of an issue, they may need to see a dermatologistDespite how challenging skin care can appear, a good routine will help in many ways and the new year can be an ideal time to start.