Blog: My Corona Christmas Experience


As we are in our second week of digital learning, I am reflecting on how school, breaks, and holidays were different this school year. did not expect the Christmas of 2020 to be normal, but my expectations ended up being completely what I was prepared for. The Coronavirus ruined a lot of regular Christmas activities, such as visiting family, traveling, and throwing parties.  

During December, people typically think of family gatherings by a fire or opening gifts in a circle with the whole family. This year, not all families were able to gather. Mine was no exception. Since the coronavirus can have a stronger impact on our elders or older adults, I did not get to see my grandparents this Christmas. Better safe than sorry. 

Not only was I unable to see my grandparents, but looking at Christmas lights was a different experience for me.  Instead of going out, walking around, and taking pictures with the lights like normal, we were required to stay in our cars. Even though it was so different, watching a light show in the comfort of the car was not that bad. 

In all, I still had a good Christmas season. It was far different than my previous ones, but I know that taking extra precautions was more important than attempting to have a normal experience.  With the vaccine making its way into our world, maybe next Christmas will be like usual.