Journey to a new nest

Grace Hedlund

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Imagine sitting in class, listening to the professor lecture about psychology, when realizing that psychology master’s degree is no longer the goal. This is what happened to one Etowah teacher when she was in college.  

New English teacher Jody Crosby discovered her love for literature while in class pursuing her master’s in psychology.   While on her journey to become a psychologistCrosby decided she did not want to continue that degree, and instead went into teaching. 

I love reading and discussing books, so I went into teaching to help others do that better,” Crosby said. 

With nineteen years of teaching experience at other schools, Crosby began her second decade in the classroom here on Eagle Mountain. She teaches 9th and 10th literature, and Crosby came to Etowah to be in the same county as her son who began kindergarten this year.  

“It has been quite a change, but I love the drive,” Crosby said. 

Discussing books is what Crosby enjoys most about literature, but she has a fascination with history, as well, and tries to incorporate it into lessons. Although she enjoys history, Crosby does not think she has enough background to be a history teacher.   

I think history gives students more of a background of what is going on at that point in history and how that connects to what they are reading,” Crosby said. 

In her free time, Crosby loves spending time outdoors, especially outside activities with her family like camping, biking, and hiking. Another activity she enjoys is traveling because she loves beautiful destinations and interesting landforms. 

“I[being outside] calms me down, and if I have a student who is anxious, I would suggest that might be a way to help them calm down as well,” Crosby said. 

Crosby hopes that her sense of adventure and her passion for literature will inspire her students to enjoy the subject as much as she does.