Masked with anxiety

Grace Hedlund

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August 26, 2022

In a typical year, the biggest stressor is usually how high students can raise their grades by the end of the semester. This year, COVID provides extra anxiety on top of other school activities.  

I thought it would be easier [getting sent home], but I found it hard to stay on task,” Kara Drew, junior, said. 

Whether the unknown chances of being quarantined, personal reasons, or something else that is causing stress, it is important to maintain one’s personal health in order to combat basic it. 

 A quick five-minute stretch will help relieve tension. Taking short breaks for exercise after every thirty minutes of work will help reduce stress levels. 

I think exercise and eating are some of the most underrated things that people could do to manage stress,” Taran Smith, Etowah counselor, said. 

Ensuring safety in classes is important but out of students’ hands, so focusing on personal hygiene will ease anxiety. Keeping safe by washing hands, wearing a mask, and keeping distance as much as possible will help to alleviate stress surround the Coronavirus. 

According to the American Red Cross, people can relax their bodies by engaging in activities they enjoy as well as taking deep breaths and meditating.

Stress can be overwhelming and lead to more serious mental health issues, like depression. If this is the case, talking to an Etowah counselor can be an option. If interested, students can send an email to their counselor to set up an appointment.