Cruising through 2020


Hailey Weiner, reporter

While most of the world is stuck at home and off the highways, Etowah students are eager to get their licenses and hit the roads. In the midst of a pandemic, many people are paranoid of using public transportationso more teenagers are motivated to save up, get their license, and buy a car. 

“Some people are not waiting until later to get it [this year.] They get their permit as soon as they can,” Sara Golden, freshman, said.  

Teenagers are often excited to drive because of the freedoms that come behind the wheel. Whether for a sense of independence from their parents or the ability to choose the destination, obtaining a license is a major steppingstone towards adulthood.  

“What most interests me about driving is going anywhere and not [having] to beg my parents or brother to take me,” Amy Bishop, sophomore, said. 

Traditionally, the steps to getting a license are taken in person and with an instructor, but because of COVID-19, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has provided new options so students can safely test for their license. The DDS temporarily offered license tests onlineCurrently, lines are shorter, and masks are required. 

“I got my license in a matter of minutes and drove around for months without a driving test, and once I actually went in, they only tested me on parking,” Nicholas Martin, senior, said. 


This new step for a COVIDfriendly license test is efficient; however, some are worried that it may decrease safety on the roads. Without proper examinationthe number of unprepared drivers may lead to greater danger on the roadsputting pressure on the DDS to continue to improve their testing measures while preparing a secure and driverfriendly environment.  

“I think it is scarier now with people not taking the test. There will be people out there that don’t know the roads, as well, Shannon Luiña, Etowah parent, said. 

Even during the pandemic, Etowah students are fueled up to get their license and finally experience the freedom of the roads.