The Talon’s talent: creative contest

The Talon's talent: creative contest

With the holidays approaching quicklyEtowah’s Newspaper Club is hosting The Talon’s Talent— a winter-themed creative contest — open to all Etowah students and eighth graders at E.T. Booth.  

The contest includes verbal recitations of poetry, short stories, articles, songs, and short films. Participants have the choice to recite original pieces or work composed by others. The submission form can be found here. The deadline for all submissions is Jan. 7 

Aiming to inspire students to pursue creative careers, the Newspaper club is awarding gift cards and certificates as prizes. Pamphlets will be given out at the start of the event to all attendees, containing information about the Talon and how to get on staffBackground music and snacks will be provided at the in-person event. 

People should submit to our writing contest because it’s a fun way to build your college application. We planned this event to help eighth graders and underclassmen chose their clubs and electives next year, Nicole Martin, Newspaper Club president, said. 

As of now, the event is scheduled to be held in Etowah’s auditorium. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, strict social distancing guidelines will be practiced. All guests are required to sit two seats apart from one another in order to maintain a safe environment. The event will move to a virtual setting if necessary, and participants will submit videos of their verbal recitations.  

“I’m super excited to submit one of my pieces for this contest and have this opportunity,” Alicia Isenberg, sophomore, said. 

Keep an eye on Eagle Blast and social media posts for updates. Gather some creative energy and participate in The Talon’s Talent contest.