Tuning in to Craig Bolerjack

Hailey Weiner

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After 35 years in the sportscasting business, Craig Bolerjack has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. Bolerjack’s passion for journalism and audience entertainment inspired him to become a sportscaster for the NBA’s Utah Jazz and is what virtually brought him to Etowah High School on Oct. 19 to share his experiences with journalism students via a Zoom interview.  

“I made the left turn to go into broadcasting at Kansas State, and it was the best move I ever did,” Bolerjack said. 

Since his first-year broadcasting with KTSB-TV in Topeka (now KSNT), to his final game of the 2019-2020 season with the Utah Jazz, Bolerjack’s career has gone through many loops, turns, surges, and plummets. Through it all, he has learned to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing profession to lead a successful career.  

You have to get comfortable in front of the camera,” Bolerjack told Talon staff members during their virtual lesson.  

With Covid-19 invading and ending the 2019-2020 season, the veteran sportscaster was forced to endure a long break from his career. Although the season was finally able to continue, it ended quickly and with strict precautions that inevitably changed the innerworkings of the wide world of sports and the people who work within it.  

“I don’t know when I am going to work again, and that makes me scared,” Bolerjack said. 

 Along with a global pandemic plaguing the country and its sport entertainment, social injustice has begun to seep through, as well. Sports entertainment was first designed to be a break from the politics of the country, but as the world struggles with inequality, players, audience members, coaches, and whole sports within themselves are feeling the effect. Players began expressing to the audience their desire to rid injustice and racism in sports, rather than ignoring it, but many viewers did not appreciate this expression, and it was many times left up to the sportscasters to raise spirits and end the hate.  

“It is a challenging time, and I try to understand both sides. What I would tell all of you is to just listen and learn,” Bolerjack said.  

Bolerjack’s heart is with sportscasting and journalism, and his desire to spread joy within the sports world keeps him going in times of difficulty and hate.  

“If you don’t love what you are doing, then you better find something else,” Bolerjack said.  

Since his first day on the job, to his most recent game, Bolerjack has developed a strong passion for his career as a sportscaster, and though there were many bumps along the way, he has adapted to the camera and continues to thrive in the industry.