Hamilton: An American musical


Disney Plus is bound to keep people “Satisfied, unlike the character Angelica, because of the release of the Broadway show Hamilton. This show has over 39,000 reviews and a 8.7/10 rating. The Grammywinning Broadway classic’s first performance in 2015 instantly attracted the audience thanks to its historic context and witty banter.  

“I think Hamilton is a unique musical that blends rap and a relatively unknown part of American history to make an interesting show that has not been seen on Broadway before,” Duke Jenkins, senior, said. 

“Hamilton” is about the life of Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, portraying American history in the form of a musical. “Hamilton” uses a variety of different songs and raps, as well as interactions between famous leaders George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other political figures to tell the story of how American gained its independence as well as the life decisions of Alexander Hamilton. 

“Personally, I love the Hamilton soundtrack because it’s something so different from mainstream music, and it’s so well thought out. I think it appeals to so many people because it has so much variety in style, from raps to ballads; there’s something for everyone. Overall, I think it is a very moving soundtrack that can made the audience laugh and cry,” Ava Riney, sophomore, said. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda did not “throw away his shot” when writing the iconic Hamilton performance. Miranda was not only the co-writer with Ron Chernow but also acted as main character, Alexander Hamilton. After picking up Chernow’s biography of Hamilton, Miranda’s inspiration flourished, motivating him to write the show. This intriguing and moving story of the Founding Father inspired Miranda sharing Hamilton’s legacy with the world. 

“I think he is extremely talented and intelligent for writing all of the songs and starring as the main character in the opening cast,” Campbell Munsey, junior, said. 

Whether one favors musicalsthis show is educational and able to help people better understand and appreciate early events that happened in the United States. People want to be in “The Room Where it Happens” when streaming this performance on Disney Plus. Remember, talk less and smile more.