Survivor: Quarantine Edition


Several months ago, one would have found it bizarre to think that everyone would be adjusting to a new life because of a pandemic. However, during these uncertain times, many found ways to make it through quarantine.  

“Quarantine had its ups and downs. I got to spend lots of quality time with my family and strengthened my bond with them, but it was also hard not being able to see my friends and others for such a long time,” Lily Hovanec, junior, said. 

Many students downloaded the app TikTok to pass time during quarantine. With different dances to learn and funny videos, this app provided entertainment for students during the lockdown period. Some popular dance trends were Meagan Thee Stallion’s song “Savage” and Beene’s song “Supalonely.” 

“I would be on it for hours on endAt times, I got bored of the app. However, I was so used to being on the app I did not really care. It helped pass time and give me ideas of what to watch,” Jordyn Jones, freshman, said. 

Another trend many participated in was self-care. Many found this time as a much-needed break and decided to focus on their mental and physical health. One popular platform many viewed was YouTuber Chloe TingShe interacted with them by creating simple daily workouts. 

“I tried Chloe Ting’s workouts, and it honestly worked pretty great. It’s super doable, and I recommend anyone who wants to get in shape to try her workouts,” Carlee Nichols, sophomore, said. 

Entertainment from YouTube, Disney Plus, and Netflix often allowed students catch up on their favorite channels, movies, and shows. With more free time, came more watch time. People binged shows that they were originally not able to do because of their busy schedules. Some examples of Netflix shows were Outer Banks, Riverdale, and The Office. 

“Catching up on movies and shows gave me some time to relax after working on all my schoolwork and also helped me fill my time up,” Holland Weber, senior, said. 

Others found this time to be a perfect opportunity to hone their video game skills. Friends played with each other on platforms such as PS4 and XboxWith the ability to talk back and forth, students used this time to beat a level, unlock new achievement, or create a new character while still communicating with their friends from a distance. 

“Xbox allowed me to talk to my friends and allow me to socialize during a time in which we could not hang out with each other in real life,” Jed Burris, junior, said. 

From interacting online to focusing on oneself, students had the opportunity to safely stay at home yet still have social aspects during the lockdown period.