A high school guide from a senior’s perspective


Dear Underclassmen,  

Entering high school, most students want a guide or a tutorial to get through the next four years. Unfortunately, you do not receive one. As a senior, I have been through almost every obstacle high school can offer, and even through the difficulties, have learned how to have the best Etowah experience. 

A simple way to enjoy every second of high school is to be involved in school activities. If you attend sports games, join clubs, and are active in class, it is much easier to make friends and be a part of Etowah’s culture. Entering freshman year, I was afraid to interact with older students, but I found that socializing with everyone makes the high school process easier.  

Aside from focusing on school, make sure to have fun. You are only a teenager once, and these may be your last years living with your family and high school friends. You will only be at Etowah for four years, so put in as much effort as you can: dress up for themes, attend school events, make new friends, create a bond with your teachers, tailgate with your student body (once allowed), join clubs, and make these four years count. Most importantly, do what you loveand have fun with it. 

As you start sophomore year, begin to challenge yourself academically. If you are planning to attend college, it is imperative for college admission boards to see you have challenged yourself by taking honors and AP classes. I wish someone would have told me this my freshman year, so that I would have taken harder classes beginning my sophomore year, rather than my junior year.  

Always take assignments and tests seriously. Tests are more difficult in high school compared to middle school. The teachers tend to challenge you more by assigning more free response questionsessaysand projects to prepare you for college. If you do not take notes during class and push off assignments, you are setting yourself up for failure 

The biggest lesson I have learned in high school is that not everyone is always okay. These four years are when you start to experience adult-like obstacles. This is when people start getting jobs, focusing on college, begin driving, taking sports seriously, dealing with peer pressure, making bad decisions, and losing or gaining friendssuggest always being kind and thoughtful towards the students and community you are surrounded byI have faced many devastating and exhilarating experiences these past four years. I have learned to constantly check on the people I care for and to be kind to the people I do not know.  If you need more support outside of home, just know that teachers and counselors are always available to talk and give you advice. 

The last tip is to always remind yourself that you are an example to somebody out there. Whether you are a senior or a freshman, there is always a group of people looking up to you. Do what your community would be proud of you for doing.  

Overall, enjoy every second of being a kid and take it all in. It goes by in the blink of an eye and there is no going back. You learn and grow a lot in high school. Take all the advice given to you and learn from the crazy obstacles that arise. It will help you be successful in the future. And always remember, Once an eagle, always an eagle.


Alina Frederick  

Class of 2021 Senior