Travel the world


Many people dream of exploring the world. Leaving the country can give people a new perspective of the world as they are introduced to a new culture, language, and beautiful sights. While this experience might seem so far away, there are many benefits to traveling abroad in high school, whether it is a short-term school trip, a long-term exchange trip, or a mission trip.

“I would recommend this trip to anyone because it gave me such a different perspective on life and taught me many lessons that will stick with me forever! It was so much fun and the best experience ever,” Brittany Miller, junior, said about her short-term school trip to Europe.

One of the biggest benefits of traveling abroad is gaining new experiences. There are many cultures in the world to learn about, and traveling abroad is the best way to learn about the culture and be immersed into it. There are also many national parks and sights to see in different countries.

“During my mission trip to Honduras, I gained new appreciation for the life I was born into. Spending time with the children of San Lorenzo was so fulfilling,” Eric Brown, junior, said.

Another benefit is independence. On long-term study abroad trips, students will gain independence as they learn how to travel alone, self-advocate, and make friends in a foreign city. Even on short trips, students are sure to learn new skills and mature when they deal with foreign currency and travel through an airport.

Additionally, many long-term study abroad trips will help students learn a new language. Being immersed in a new language is one of the fastest ways to learn because students are forced to communicate in the local language. A new language can benefit the student throughout life. It also helps on job applications.

Studying abroad has many benefits. While it may be challenging to save up the money and step outside of their comfort zones, many students who have been on a trip think that it is worth it. Up next:  planning a trip abroad tailored for each student’s goals and dreams.