The new lifestyle


I know you are thinking the same thing. You want to go back to school just as much as I do. The boredom has hit, and there are only so many things to do in your house. Whether it is binge-watching Netflix or working out in your basement, you cannot wait to have your life back.

Times are tough, and toilet paper is still gone off the shelves, but all we can do is wait—wait for COVID-19 to go away and for our lives to suddenly resume back to the way they were before. But in the meantime, get on your siblings’ nerves; learn a TikTok dance or two; bake a three-layer cake; go watch the sunset, or dye your hair pink. After all, this could be every teenage girl’s quarter-life crisis. Maybe even be a little productive and redecorate that room of yours. Let’s be honest; there’s something for everyone.