New voters prepare their ballots


Photo credit: GPB News

The pressure is on for candidates running for president and other offices. Although not every Etowah student will be old enough to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, juniors and seniors who will be 17 1/2 or older by the end of voter registration can cast a ballot. The Georgia Democratic Primary was originally scheduled for March 24 but has since been postponed until May due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

“Registering to vote is an important and meaningful benefit of citizenship,” Walt Centers, junior, said. 

Registration is open for those old enough to qualify. It only takes a few minutes to register to vote online. Follow this link to complete registration on any mobile device

Once registered, be sure to check your polling location for more information. Those eighteen or older can vote in the Democratic Primary on May 19. Visit this link to check polling locations and information about voting times. 

“It is important for students to vote in the democratic primary because as the next generation we have the opportunity to state our opinion,” Sarah Oburu, junior, said.  

Voting is an important part of being an American. For those old enough, participating in elections can help to make change possible. For those unable to take part in elections, getting involved in political discussion and activism is a great way to make opinions heard.