Love of the games


Alina Frederick, Editor

From tennis matches to football games, many students love Etowah sports. I ran a poll on my Instagram account asking students what are their favorite sports games to attend, and the top three were Varsity football, baseball, and basketball games.  

To me, sports games are a huge component to high school, and I will remember the memories I’ve had at them forever,” Sarah Mahoney, junior, said. 

The most popular vote was Varsity football games. One of the major reasons students love these games is because of the themes incorporated into each gamethe band performances provided the morning of a home competition, the props given to students that Eagle Connections provides, the sheer number of students there, and the entertainment the football players bring. Friday Night Lights, FNL, gives upperclassmen the opportunity to playfully pick on the freshmen and tell them to “go home.” Students and faculty love to go all out with the themes at school and during the game. It gets the student body thrilled for Friday Night Lights. 

The funniest part of the football games is when the upperclassmen make fun of the freshmen and dressing up,” Catalina Larrota, freshman, said. 

The second favorite was Varsity basketball. Basketball games occur on different days of the week, not just Friday which allows studentto attend multiple games because they can come support on the days that work best with their schedulesThese events tend to be more entertaining because there are themes and posters provided for the student body. The band plays at basketball games occasionally, which gets the student body pumped to cheer on the team. The court varies from five to twenty feet away from the audience, which brings extra energy to the game.  

My favorite part about the games is getting to be super close to the players, so it makes it easier to get in the opponents head,” Patrick Ridgeway, junior, said. 

The third most popular were the Varsity baseball games. These are fun for students to watch because they normally sit in the trunks of trucks and get snacks from the concessions with their friends while watching the game. A lot of the baseball players play football or basketballas well, so it makes it exciting to watch these students play a much more coordinated and calm sport compared to the aggressive and fast sports they also participate in. Baseball games get the student body excited for spring sports and cheering on their fellow classmates out on the field.  

I love tailgating for the games with all my friends. It makes the experience a lot more fun and enjoyable,” Will Garvey, senior, said.  

When students look back at high school, they will always remember the after school games with their friends that made school an entertaining environmentFootball, basketball, and baseball games will be some of the special memories Etowah Eagles will remember.