Season Kick Off


Unfair referees. Enthusiastic parents. Loud coaches. Eager teammates. The soccer season has begun, and Etowah’s junior varsity team, led by Coach Denisse Leyva, is preparing for another successful season.

“My favorite part about being on the team is building new friendships and being able to do something I love with the people I love,” Ashytn Pribbenow, junior, said.

The team practices with many intense drills. From running up and down the stadium to suicide sprints, the players do many activities to get in shape. For example, in the possession drill, the team divides into two groups. Each group passes the ball and tries not to lose it. Another skill they practice is defensive work. The team uses these activities to prepare for its weekly games.

“We have practice after school almost every day to build chemistry amongst the girls. The majority of them have never played together so it’s important for them to learn the way their teammates play,” Leyva said.

The team has gained many freshmen this year, which means a new set of players with different skill sets. The team is still working on team bonding to ensure a successful season.

“A big difference I see from this year from last year is skill and fitness. Everyone is still working their tails off no matter how tired or frustrated they get,” Marsey Bradley, sophomore, said.

Be sure to catch the team playing on Feb. 11 at Etowah High School.