Not so Roaring 20s

Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

Many wanted to enter the New Year with 20/20 vision; however, the month of January started the year off blurry. Several traumatic events occurred in the first month that left many wondering whether this year was going to be the best it can be. 

First, people feared the threat of World War III when the United States and Iran became extremely hostile at the beginning of the year. Rumors began spreading of another world war. Instead of taking these actions seriously, the majority of Generation Z took this as an opportunity to create new memes and videos regarding the rumors. TikTok became a popular platform to provide users with World War III content. 

I think some are funny, but it is just to cover up that it is a situation that can truly happen if we are not cautious,” Daniella Villanueva, freshman, said. 

Another event that concerned many was the environmental disaster Down Under.  Unsure of how the seemingly endless forest fires started, Australia’s wildlife and citizens perished as a result of the raging wildfires. Firefighters, helicopters, and global awareness were all contributing to the hope of containing the fires. Natural causes finally stopped the firesbut Australia’s climate is still being destroyed with other factors such as floods. 

The fires in Australia were a serious tragedy that caused damage and took the lives of many innocent people and animals. The loss and damage in Australia are extremely sad and should be used as a warning to fight climate change,” Lily Hovanec, sophomore, said. 

Now, the world is worried about a new pandemic. The Coronavirus, a deadly disease, originated in China and is spreading worldwide. The virus has infected people far beyond Asia and continues to kill young and old. Symptoms of this virus include the common cold, cough, and fever. Fortunately, scientists are working to develop a cure for the spreading virus, COVID-19.   

I think the Coronavirus has caused more problems for China than just sick people. I think that there should be more awareness about the illness and what we can do worldwide to combat it, M.K.  Kerlin, junior, said. 

Lastly, the devastating event of Kobe Bryant’s death took a toll across the whole world. Bryant, his daughter Gianna, the pilot and six other passengers were killed in a helicopter crash on the way to the Mamba Sports Academy for Gianna’s basketball game. Many across the globe are honoring Bryant’s death from sports games to memorials. 

“Bryant’s death was a big deal to me and a lot of people I know. He had such a big impact on basketball worldwide, not just the basketball world, but the world in general. His work ethic and love for the game was on a whole different level and people admired that. […] He influenced me in so many ways during my childhood, and I hope to take some of what I learned to better myself and others around me,” Josh Hughes, sophomore, said.  

Although 2020 did not begin in the best way possible, there are still 10 more months to go, so there is plenty of time for change.