A local legend


Photo credits: Kat Kochansky

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor

He might look like a familiar face from Eagle Vision or student’s Instagram highlights. Junior, Connor Fisher, is the man, the myth, the legend, and most importantly the creator of Etowah’s hype videos.

Fisher first found interest in videography when he was in sixth grade. It started when he was throwing a Frisbee into basketball hoops and filming himself with a GoPro camera his father gave him. Now he is using more advanced equipment, such as the BlackMagic camera, which he thinks is pretty neat.

“I just brought my camera to the Woodstock football game one night and did not really know what to expect, but I knew I could make something cool,” Fisher said. 

Someday Connor hopes to be among legends in the industry, but for now, he draws on their work for inspiration.

“My first really big influence was a collective called AWGE, who does all the creative direction for ASAP Rocky. I liked them because they were so different, and I modeled a lot of my early work off theirs,” Fisher said. 

Fisher’s clout started when he made his first football videos. After posting them to his Instagram, @connorwfisher, his videos took off. Through social media, many people at Etowah and around Cherokee County have become inspired to hype up their schools, as well. Because he posted these videos, Fisher has gained many followers and reposts from other users.

“[The football videos] usually take me 5-6 hours to make. I get home after the game and start right away; I love it,” Fisher said. 

His fame does not stop there. He has been shooting and creating short videos for other Etowah teams including basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. To support the team and make sure students are aware of the theme for the game, he puts together short videos to both inform and entertain. His upcoming project will feature the Dancing Eagles. These videos for Etowah’s programs can be seen on @ehseagleconnection, including his football videos. 

 “I would say the amount of time I spend doing something related to making a video is greater than the amount of time I spend doing other things,” Fisher said.

Fisher wants to continue his film-making career by making videos for the college he decides to attend. He has made connections with the sports marketing team at the University of Georgia, and he hopes to join their team in the future. 

“The premise of it all is storytelling, and that has made me want to look into many other forms of art, and learn the stories of those pieces, whatever the medium may be,” Fisher, said.

Not only did Fisher start the art of hype videos among Eagles, but he also took his love for Frisbee and created Flight Crew, Etowah’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Be on the lookout for a future article about Fisher’s newest addition to the school.