Coming soon to a theater near you

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Mia Jacobs, reporter

It is the start of a new year which can mean many things: New Year’s resolutions, fresh changes, different trends, interesting memes, and new movies. Many films for the year have been announced to the public and are building  suspense through their trailers that tease people, tempting them to purchase movie tickets when they are available. 

“Last year was a good year for movies. Most of the ones I saw were good, and I hope this year will meet up with last years expectations,” Kasey Hinkle, sophomore, said.

After his role as the superhero, Iron Man, many did not expect to see Robert Downey, Jr., starring in new movies any time soon. However, the new “Dolittle” movie trailer left many people surprised. In his new film, Downey plays Dr. Dolittle, a veterinarian who can communicate with animals. The movie consists of a new adventure with Dolittle and his animal friends searching for a cure to save the queen from a mysterious illness.

“It will be hard to imagine him [Robert Downey Jr.] in a different role without thinking about Iron Man, ” Isaiah Huff, sophomore said. 

Another highly anticipated movie is “Sonic.” Since the trailer’s appearance last year, the movie has gone through numerous revisions due to the overwhelming amount of negative comments that came after its release. The character was revamped, and the new and improved Sonic appeared in newly edited trailers beginning in November.  By redesigning Sonic to make him more cartoon-like, producers hope the new look will appeal to moviegoers. 

“I do not really watch many movies like “Sonic,” but I am sure many kids will enjoy it, “Zoey Goins, freshman, said.

To continue their theme of live-action remakes, Disney is adding another to its growing collection. “Mulan” follows the story of a maiden who disguises herself as a boy to serve in her elderly father’s place when he is called to war to save China.  

“There doesn’t always have to be a live action version of a movie; don’t try and fix what’s not broken,” Anothony Berberi, junior, said. 

Scooby and the gang are headed back to the big screen in a new movie called “Scoob!,” something that many have been waiting to see  since they watched the Scooby-Doo TV shows growing up. The movie explains how Shaggy and Scooby became friends and their adventure of meeting the rest of the gang. For their new mystery, Freddie, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby have to stop the process of someone unleashing the ghost dog, Cerberus, on the rest of the world which would cause a dog apocalypse. 

“I am very excited for the new movie “Scoob!“ especially since I watched all the movies and TV shows when I was a kid. It looks very cute, and I cannot wait to see the movie,“ Jazz Sturdivant, sophomore, said.

These are not the only upcoming movie options for the New Year, so keep watching if none of these sound like a reason to head to the cinema.