Shopping for a cause


Every year volunteers from Etowah come together to create Christmas magic for elementary students near the poverty line in the Etowah school zone. Shop with an Eagle (SWAE) is a day full of shopping for new clothes and toys, watching a play, visiting Santa’s Workshop, and bonding with new friends. 

“SWAE is always my favorite part of the year. It was so much fun helping those kids have a great Christmas,” Kennedy Cleveland, junior, said. 

Before all the fun begins, SWAE mentors are required to attend meetings and participate in fundraisers to raise money to purchase items from each child’s wish list.  

“Overall, the fundraising was a flying success and it was really fun because we were able to raise $150 for each child,” Will Brennamen, sophomore, said.  

As the day of SWAE approached, mentors met for training and decorated the campus, transforming it into a winter wonderland. 

“Decorating for SWAE puts me in the Christmas spirit. I love creating a magical atmosphere for all the kids,” Tori Cofield, junior, said. 

Before embarking on their shopping adventure, Chick-fil-A was served for breakfast. Upon return, mentors and Junior Eagles enjoyed a pizza party lunch, watched a play performed by drama club, and wrapped up their new presents. The event might be longer than a regular school day, but after spending it with the Junior Eagles it can be hard for mentors to part from them.  

“It is very interesting to learn about the lives of kids who will someday be at Etowah,” Michael Mandle, junior, said. 

Shop with an Eagle may be over this year, but there are still many ways to spread the holiday cheer to others in the Etowah Zone. Contact Kristy Szpindor or Donnell Osborne to find out how to donate towards the fund for middle and high school Etowah Eagles in need.