Snow much hype


It is not the time to “Let It Go” quite yet. “Frozen 2” has made an appearance in theatres this fall, and people have many different opinions. Beware of spoilers.

“My favorite movie, so emotional, so deep, but higher than my expectations. Highly recommend,” Annie Arnold, sophomore, said. 

This movie not only highlights the significance of sisterhood, but also the importance of acceptance and love. The children’s movie continues to make kids smile and sing along to the sound of their snowy friend, Olaf.

“The soundtrack to the movie was so good and so fun to listen to throughout the movie,” Caroline Byars, freshman, said. 

In the movie Elsa gains a new wardrobe, hairstyle, and ice horse. Surprising events began to snowball and the next thing the viewers knew, Anna was crowned Queen of Arendelle and a whole new snowy town opened up, including new characters. Elsa then became the Queen of the Enchanted Forest, but managed to come down on her ice horse and visit all of her friends and family.

“The build up of the movie was so interesting and I thought the ending was the best part,” Aidan McDermott, junior, said. 

The soundtrack was a hit among young viewers and beyond. With an audience rating of 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, “Frozen 2” has proven to be a good holiday movie for all ages.