Entering the New Year with 2020 vision


The end of the decade is coming sooner than expected. New Years Eve is only three weeks awayand to celebrate people are recapping the years through memories on social media, going to parties with the people that made the past ten years ones to remember, or traveling to start off the new decade right. 

I love celebrating New Years with my friends and family and saying goodbye to this year and welcoming the new one,” Bella Pacini, freshman, said.  

This year, social media has been a big part of remembering all the highs and lows of 2019. On Tik Tok, people all over the world have been following the trend where they post a combination of their most memorable childhood moments via videos that early 2000’s kids can relate to. 

I made a video on Tik Tok of a bunch of short videos of me and some of my best friends to look back on one of the best years. I did this so I could see all the fun things we did together and bring back some great forgotten memories,” Chelsea Baker, junior, said. 

Another social media platform used to celebrate the year is Instagram. People will post pictures on their Instagram story showing cool trips they have been on, accomplishments made, or memorable pictures with their friends and family for each month of the year. 

“I think one of the best ways to reflect on your past year is by showing pictures, I love being able to go through and find a memorable moment and share with people on Instagram,” Zack Futch, senior, said.  

The most traditional way people celebrate the year is by attending a party on New Year’s Eve with friends and family and entering the New Year with one another. Many people at Etowah are celebrating together by dancing, dressing up in glittery outfits, reminiscing on the past year, making resolutions for the upcoming year, and enjoying the night together.  

I am so excited to have so much fun with all my friends and party hard with everyone to celebrate the new year and fresh starts,” Sadie Brooks, sophomore, said. 

Some people may even go on a trip the night of New Year’s Eve to start the next 12 months on a good note. For example, Riley Corona, junior, is traveling to Jamaica and will be entering 2020 on this exotic vacation. 

“I am so excited to start off the New Year in one of the most beautiful places with some of my most favorite people. It is going to be the best vacation ever,” Riley Corona, junior, said 

So whether it’s traveling, partying with the people you love most, or simply just reminiscing by posting videos and pictures on social media, there’s always a way to celebrate the New Year as well as the past generation that has shaped everyone’s lives.