Fa-boo-lous costumes


Image from: Party City

Mia Jacobs, Reporter

Halloween is approaching faster than shivers down our spines. Along with pumpkin carving, candy, and scary movies, dressing up is another Halloween tradition that millions participate in every year. With every year, comes newly favored costumes both traditional and unusual. 

“This year I am gonna be Georgie from It for, Halloween,” Anthony Berberi, junior, said.

With the new Joker movie that came out this October, and the new trailer for the next Harley Quinn movie coming out next year, Birds of Prey, expect to see several DC villains walking the streets on Halloween night.

“I haven’t seen the movie [Joker] yet, but I feel that Joker will be a very possible costume,” Zoey Robertson, freshman, said.

For most high school students, sitting and watching Nickelodeon or NickToons is not how anyone wants to spend their Friday nights. This Halloween, it is common for couples to go back to their roots to dress as Cosmo and Wanda from Nickelodeon’s Fairly OddParents. Renditions of the duo can be both more modern and unique or a complete model of the show; the creativity is limitless. 

“I would dress up as a Nickelodeon character because of happy childhood memories of them; I just do not know which one,” Isaiah Huff, sophomore, said.

Even though it is 2019, it does not mean traditional costumes are out of the question. Black cats, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are sure to still be popular this year for their simplicity and popularity. 

“Basic costumes, like witches and black cats and skeletons are fine for Halloween, but if you don’t put any effort into actually creating the costume, it’s really a waste,“ Marla McCord, senior, said 

As students at Etowah are getting older, fewer are dressing up and getting into the Halloween spirit unless they are going to a party, or hanging out with friends Halloween night. 

“I probably will not dress up for Halloween unless I go to a party,“ Sydney Williams, senior, said.

While there are some students at Etowah who are not dressing up for the holiday, one trend this year is purchasing costumes for pets. Pet costumes for dogs and cats have been close to selling out at Party City and on websites like Chewy. Some options on these websites include: lobsters, pumpkins, coffee, sharks and mermaids. 

“I think it is really cute and creative when people dress up their pets! I also feel it is cool when people have matching costumes with their pets because it shows their love for their pets, “ Jazz Sturdivant, sophomore, said. 

Under the light of the moon on Halloween night, people of all ages will dress up and trick-or-treat from house to house, but their costumes will remain a surprise until Oct. 31, Halloween night.