Dead or alive?


   After auditions and months of rehearsing, performance day for Etowah’s Drama Club’s One Act has arrived. The casts’ schedules are packed with shows for the audience’s amusement, and students got a sneak preview this week before tonight’s opening of the annual One Act Competition.

   “It is easy to forget how funny this show is, so now having the entire show down helps the comedy flow and is just so much fun to perform,” Sarah Deprospero, junior playing Cecile, said. 

   “Is He Dead?,” a play written by Mark Twain, tells the story of Jean-Francois Millet, a down and out painter in France in the 1840s. After he acquires substantial debt to Bastien Andre, a cruel picture dealer, Millet and his friends come up with the idea of faking Millet’s death to overcome the debt he owes to Andre since only dead painters strike it rich. 

“The show is such a wacky plot, and the characters are so interesting and so fun to play with,” Abby Lukens, junior playing Madame Bathilde, said. 

   The idea of the play is for the audience to question whether Millet can successfully fake his death to avoid his creditor, or will his scheme fail? 

   “Find out what happens in our production of, “Is He Dead?” Robby Hogsten, senior playing Chicago, said. 

   Showings begin on Oct. 25, and tickets can be purchased now through the Drama Club’s Instagram bio, @etowahhsdrama, or at the doors of the auditorium on show night.