Litter(ally) making a difference

With climate change becoming relevant all across the world, Etowah students have joined together to do their part in Towne Lake by cleaning up the community through the Stewardship Club. The club aims to give students frustrated with the current environmental situation a way to help make a difference, improve their way of living, learn more about climate change, and turn exasperation and disappointment into action. 

“I was inspired by a former student’s actions to improve the Earth. We have had a slow start [to the Stewardship club] with very few members. Still, we are determined,” Rachel Pickert, president of Stewardship Club, said. 

The club holds numerous campus clean-ups where they walk around Etowah with gloves and bags to collect litter. They also host community clean-ups where they travel through Woodstock, picking up trash in an effort to better the community. 

“We do not get many attendees because of lack of awareness, so we would love to get the word out,” Pickert said. 

Meetings are every Thursday at 7:30 am in Mr. Armstrong’s room, 1204. Follow their Instagram @ehs.stewardship for updates on clean-up events and information on how students can help.