Styling for Fall


Ansley Melnick, Reporter

Fashion designers are obsessed with the upcoming fall fashion. Want to dress like models in Vogue? Well, then it is time to fall in love with the season’s new fashions. 

If you have been keeping up with recent fashion, you know that floral has been a popular pattern in boutiques recently. Coming into autumn, designers have taken a fresh perspective on the typical summer design, introducing dark florals. Designs range from maxi dresses to buttonup shirts to match any individual style. 

Leather on leather has reappeared once again and has been featured in VogueH&M Designers say that while leather is a great way to strut confidently down streets, not everyone can pull off the look. One must have an edgy vibe to rock leather on leather outfits. 

For those not afraid of sporting a “fresh off the safari” look, animal prints are another great addition to fall wardrobes. These prints are incorporated in belts, shoes, cardigans, and even phone cases. Adding a faux snakeskin belt or a pair of leopard shoes can spice up any plain outfit instantly. 

As the season changes and temperature drops, Gucci designers are focusing on long coats and capes. A coat or cape is the perfect way to transition into fall and is a cozy addition to any outfit. These pieces can go over any article of clothing from basic t-shirts to dresses for a girls’ night out. 

For a formal look, many fashion specialists are showing dresses with asymmetrical necklines. The red carpet has seen many otherwise simple dresses that show off these uneven necklinesa new twist to a classic design. 

If someone is looking to make a show-stopping entrance at a formal event, but dresses are not in their style, Vogue designers rave about power suits for women. Rock a tight pants suit to display confidence and elegance. These suits provide a professional, but eye-catching look. 

Lastly, for a casual, trendy outfit, swap normal jeans for plaid pants. These can be paired with simple t-shirts and are easily the fastest growing fashion trend this fall. The plaid pattern brings flashbacks from vintage 90s fashion trends and can be found in every store at the mall. 

Follow these tips for a fresh off the runway and add looks that can be tweaked to show off individual style.