Connecting the student body

As the new school year commences, students are getting excited for their favorite high school activities: pep rallies, football games, and hanging out with their friends. Eagle Connections, one of Etowah’s many clubs, gets students involved in these school functions and works to improve school spirit.  

“What made me want to be a part of Eagle Connections is the fun spirit and joy the club brought to our school and the student section in previous years,” Jason Phetsinghane, senior, said. 

Although the idea for Eagle Connections was thought of a few years ago and was originally designed to be a class, it was turned into a club that works on uniting Etowah. From creating fundraisers to organizing pep rallies, the members of Eagle Connections spend their free time bringing the local community together. 

“My favorite part about being in the club is spreading school spirit and kindness with friends who love to do it, too,” Emily Collins, sophomore, said. 

For students looking to join the club, they must go through an application process and prove that they have school spirit and are looking to improve Etowah. Meetings take place in both the mornings and afternoons in the auditorium, and students break up into committees that deal with the different aspects of planning an event. 

“We want this [school] to be a place that people come and are happy to be here. They’re learning; they’re socializing, and they leave as better people,” Victoria Carter, club leader, said. 

Whether a part of Eagle Connections or not, all students can still show school spirit by attending events and supporting fellow Eagles.