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After the long summer workouts, tough morning practices, and sweaty locker rooms, it is finally time. It is football season, and the varsity football team already has one win after its Aug. 10 game at Lambert High School. Although this was a scrimmage, that did not stop students and parents from coming out to support the Eagles. 

“I’m very excited to cheer on the boys for my senior season. I’m most excited for the Woodstock game and from talking to some of the guys, I have a good feeling we will do well this season,” Amelia Neuhoff, senior cheerleader, said.

Though throwing a perfect spiral during a game may look effortless, the varsity players have endured extensive training to get into shape. The team got to experience the hardships of training with the Navy Seals, going to 7 on 7’s, drills the players make without offensive or defensive sides to see where they are in relation to their competition, and working out four days a week during the summer to prepare for fall camp.

“The summer workouts were great. We all got better as a unit and a team when training with the Navy Seals. We learned how to rely on each other and believe in each other. Big things are to come this year,” Will Pailthorpe, sophomore, said.

Team captains Lane Cantrell, Raymone Devezin, Bede Acosta, and Jackson Manns are preparing for the game and trying to rally the team together.

“We need to come out against River Ridge and send a message to the community that our team is going into our season with an aggressive mindset,” Jackson Manns, senior, said.

After last year’s victory over Woodstock, the Eagles are looking to defeat the Wolverines for the second year in a row and prove who runs this towne.

“There is no doubt in my mind whose town this is. Woodstock is like any other opponent except everything is ten times more intense. It is the most fun game every year,” Dalton Miller, senior, said.

Every year, the team creates a new motto; last year was “Downhill” meaning the team should step out and not show weaknesses. Their new saying “1 More” signifies how they should never give up. Whether it is one more rep, one more game, one more play, this phrase keeps the boys motivated to keep going no matter how difficult it gets. 

Dave Svelha, varsity head coach, shares his ideas of how the season might go. 

“Our goal is to play the best football we can. We base our success on how close we can get to playing to our true potential,” Svelha said. 

Svela and his players hope everyone comes out to Eagle Mountain, to support the Eagles. Below are the games and themes for the 2019-2020 season:

For this year’s themes, click here for more information.