We did start the fire


A silence falls over the field. Marchers stand at attention, carefully watching the drum majors whose hands direct them when to begin playing their music. As the tune starts, it brings images of fire to the audiences’ imagination. The tempo speeds up, and panic starts to form as the imaginary fire spreads rapidly, destroying everything in its path. The Marching Eagles are performing their show “Fire and Flames.”  

“This year has been one of the best ones yet. Everyone has been so positive, and we’ve bonded more this year than ever. Everyone is working so hard to make this year’s show great, and it has definitely paid off so far,” Kylie Geist, senior, said. 

The show music this year consists of some recognizable songs like “Hellfire” by Alan Menken from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragon Force.  

“Color guard is displaying all the flare and pizzazz on the field. Our silks add an artistic style to the fire and flames context from beginning to end. Our work we perform on the field makes it feel like we are caught in a crossfire, and it is really captivating and enjoyable to watch,” Sarah Oburu, junior, said. 

During the opener, the fire ignites and begins to spread. As the show progresses the flames eventually grow out of control. The ballad is the aftermath when fire has destroyed everything leaving distress and destruction in its wake. The end of the show portrays hope as a phoenix rises from the ashes of the fire. 

“Hope seems to be lost, but then we are able to come back from the brink and flourish better than before,” Stephen Long, band director, said. 

To see the Marching Eagles perform, make sure to come to the Friday night football games and stay for halftime because this year’s show is going to be “lit.”